Boost your immunity with chest openers

During the winter months we should pay more attention to our immunity. I know that winter might make us lazy, but find few minutes a week for the following yoga work out and you’ll feel the difference.


Our goal in this practice is to work on the area of the heart and practice chest openers. This will get the energy flowing through the lymphatic system that plays a crucial role in our immunity system.

You can start your practice with a short meditation holding a heart mudra. Heart mudra, sometimes known as a lotus mudra is on the picture above. You can combine this mudra with a slow heart breath– simply with each inhalation you expand your chest with the energy. Imagine it flows through the lotus flower you hold with your hands, into your heart and spreads into the rest of the body.

Include into your practice then poses such as camel or its modifications, cobra or sphinx pose and finish off your practice with a bridge pose, fish and a shoulder stand. All these poses really stimulate your thyroid and contribute to strengthening of your immunity.

I really enjoy the position on the following picture (modified camel), when I really feel my chest opening and shoulder blades working together. This stimulates besides thyroid also the areas around the neck that can be stiff because of the cold weather outside.

After the practice enjoy a hot cup of ginger tea 🙂


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