Detox with yoga after Holidays!

Christmas and New Year celebrations are slowly over and it is time to detox a bit. You can start your body cleanse with yoga! In the following practice we will concentrate on squeeze-and-soak effect.

We can start off the practice with abdominal breathing. Sit in a comfortable position (cross-legged, lotus or hero), place your right hand on your belly and just concentrate on your breath. With each inhalation expand your tummy, create enough space for the inner organs- imagine they are soaking into the oxygen. As you breath out, let the tummy fall down. Now imagine you are squeezing out all the toxins. Make sure that during the practice your back is straight, you don’t want to compress neither your spine, neither your inner organs! Sit on a block (book, pillow,..) if needed.

The active practice should include twists. They can really squeeze well the inner organs! From standing poses try side-angle and revolved side angle pose, triangle and revolved triangle. Twist to both sides in a chair pose and continue with seated spinal twists. 

I find very beneficial the following two poses:

Mill churning pose and its modifications: Start in a seated position, your legs are wide apart, feet are flexed. To keep your spine straight, perhaps it will help to sit on a pillow, rolled up towel or a block. Clasp your hands together, outstretch your arms and with the exhalation move your arms and torso to the right. Inhale back to the center and repeat to the other side. If you want to exercise your abdomen, move your arms and torso in nice big circles (as if you were churning a mill). You should really feel your abdomens when leaning backwards! This pose is also great for your back!

Knees-to- chest pose: Just lie down on your back, bend your knees and with the exhalation draw them  to your chest. Stay here for few rounds of breath, perhaps rock from side-to-side to relax your back after the twists. You can also move with your breath- exhale and draw your knees to your chest, inhale and release. This pose is very beneficial for your inner organs, works against bloating, constipation or acidity.

After the practice enjoy a cup of chamomile tea, it soothes overall digestion! It was drank already in ancient Egypt as a healing drink.



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