Goddess pose

This is a very lovely feminine pose that balances your upper and lower body. It opens your chest and hips and at the same time strengthens your legs. It is considered to be a standing hip opener. 

In your yoga practice, you can just stand in this pose for several rounds of breath. In flow yoga incorporate it between a mountain pose and a 5-pointed star.






You can also try to “dance with the Goddess” when you exhale, straighten your legs and bring your arms down. With your next inhalation, bend your knees and bring your arms up and bend them. My favorite modification is a gentle side to side movement from the hips while standing in this pose (see the picture above).

Getting inspired by Hindu statues and paintings, you can also practice a “seated goddess“. With one arm resting on a block and another one outstretched, this pose again works not just on your hips but also opens up your chest.

This pose stimulates pelvic floor and uro-genital system and therefore it is great also for mums-to-be!


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