Hip openers for Mums!

Hip openers are usually practiced during most of the general yoga classes. During the pregnancy they are one of the central exercises in yoga programs! Since I am myself getting to the end of my pregnancy, I thought to sum up some hip openers and their modifications, that I find very useful. 

Butterfly: this is one of the best poses to practice during your pregnancy. It balances the reproductive system and tones& opens your inner tights, pelvic region and hips. Ideal pose for practicing pelvic floor exercises, too!






Make sure though you do not overstretch yourself in this pose! I suggest to use a strap or a belt to keep your back nice and straight.

Here is a modification of this pose for last trimester:






Squat: this pose increases mobility of your hips and pelvic area. It relaxes the pelvic floor, bowel and bladder too!






It is wise to practice modifications of this pose, the one I find easiest is with my heels on the blocks (or books 🙂 ) Again, keep your spine long and straight!

Here is a modification of this pose for last trimester:







After each pose take your time to relax, bend your knees and move your legs from side to side. This simple movement will release tension from your hips. You can also stay for few minutes in a child’s pose which I find great for practicing pelvic floor exercises, too.






Start with these poses very slowly, just for few rounds of breath. As your practice and pregnancy progresses, it is good to stay for 5 minutes in each pose.





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