Improve your posture with yoga!

Yoga is a powerful tool that helps to improve your posture. The progress starts already with the very basic poses which are easy to be mastered also by complete beginners. Here are my two favorite postures! They are beneficial also for mums-to-be or fresh mothers who really need to keep their back in shape!

Standing in a mountain pose (Tadasana).  In this pose you engage the whole of your body. To deepen the benefits of the posture,  just close your eyes and concentrate on your body, breath and posture.  I suggest you imagine a line connecting the crown of your head with your spine. Moreover imagine an invisible string coming from the crown of your head towards the sky. An imaginary person is gently pulling on this string, with each pull you feel strong and balanced and  your body is aligned.


You can practice tadasana with your arms stretched forward (in line with your shoulders) or upward. Another great modification is tadasana with bound hands: just interlock your fingers, turn your wrists and palms outwards and then stretch your arms forward or upward (see the picture). Close your eyes and stay in every modified pose for few rounds of breath!



Sitting in a hero pose (Virasana). This pose helps with your posture and improves the work of your digestive process and circulation. This pose creates enough space for your internal organs and keeps your spine straight. Again close your eyes and repeat the exercise with the string. You can also proceed with the same modifications as in Tadasana: stretch your arms forward and upward or bound your hands and stretch them forward and upward.





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