Yoga for your shoulders

Sore shoulders can be tricky and can lead to stiff neck and problems with your spine. Few simple yoga exercises can prevent stiffness in this area,  find just few minutes a day to practice the following easy series. 

Acu yoga for shoulders: acuyoga is a great and quick exercise, it is easy to be practiced anytime of the day without any special preparation. It targets acupressure points. I enjoy 2 exercises that activate the area around the neck and your shoulders.

Inhale and bring your shoulders up, exhale a drop them down. Continue rythmically and do at least 10 rounds. Complete the series with 3 head circles to both sides.

Inhale and half-circle your shoulders back, exhale and move them in half-circles to the front. Again do 10 rounds and complete with 3 head circles at the end.

Cow face pose (gomukhasana) or half cow face pose: This pose is great for stretching the shoulders and also armpits. It also opens your chest and works on the upper (thoracic) spine. If you engage also your legs, your body will also benefit from a nice hip opener. This pose prevents mastitis and it is beneficial for breastfeeding mothers.

If you wish to work only on the upper body, I suggest you first lift the right arm, bend it and hold your elbow with an opposite hand. If you wish to move further, then lower your left arm, bend it and try to grab fingers of the opposite hand behind your back. (see the pictures below). If this is not available, use a strap. Stay for 5-10 rounds of breath on each side.



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