Tailored for the 21st centruy, yet rooted in ancient yogic tradition, Dru Yoga has rapidly made its mark as one of the most effectrive antidotes to the stresses of modern day living.

You can enjoy its benefits whatever your age, state of health or level of fitness. Both graceful and potent Dru yoga strengthens the body and creates flexibility in the joints. Dru yoga is very gentle and suitable for both the beginner and the more experienced practitioner. Its distinctive feature is that it strenghtens the powerful field of energy surrounding your heart, which in turn hamonises every level of your body, mind and emotions.

Combining a uniquely flowing style of movements with simple but powerful breathing techniques, mudra (hand gestures), affirmations, and relaxation techniques.


Mickey Baliakas, a resident of Santorini for the past 23 years. She is a fully qualified and experienced yoga instructor specializing in Dru Yoga Therapy for the last 10 years. Registered with the Life Foundation School of Theraputics UK. She will guide you gently through your one hour session. For more information on Dru visit official dru yoga website .

dru yoga