Kids yoga is a great practice that teaches children basic yoga poses and their combination in a fun and active active way. We usually start every class with a very active warm up, continue with an imaginary journey to the forest, jungle, sea or space, we practice poses that remind us of animals, nature, people and toys, we practice simple breathing exercises when we imitate sounds of nature. Sometimes we practice with music or we sing, we use many props and toys. Every class includes some fun game, story time and a relaxation at the end. Parents are free to join, as the yoga offers great bonding through play. Younger kids usually need their parents as a role model during the class.

One class is 45 minutes long.

The classes take place in Caveland in Karterados, if weather permits, we practice outdoors.



  • Kids yoga is a practice with an increasing popularity and scientifically proved benefits:
  • It improves flexibility, strength and balance.
  • It increases self confidence, creativity and imagination.
  • It develops self-discipline, awareness and concentration.
  • It encourages cooperation, teamworks and respect for others.
  • It fortifies all bodily systems.
  • It expands awareness of nature, animals and the environment.
  • It brings joy!

All the props and mats are provided. If you are interested to participate, get in touch with me over email or phone and book your space at the class.