Summer fruit cake- no bake!!!!

This is a very refreshing and easy summer desert! All you need is seasonal fruits (I used cherries, plums and peaches), yoghurt, whipping cream and philadelphia cheese. As a sweetener use sugar or honey and as a base use biscuits of your choice.

summer fruit cake P1180737


Fruit (cut in pieces)

2 packs of biscuits

1/2 cup of caster sugar or honey

300 gr of thick Greek yoghurt

100 gr of Philadelphia cheese (I used light version)

200 ml of whipping cream


Prepare your yoghurt cream: In a bowl whisk the whipping cream with a hand mixer until it reaches stiff peaks. Add yoghurt (mix it beforehand with honey or sugar) and philadelphia cheese and whisk for another 2-3 minutes.

On the bottom of a baking pan place a layer of biscuits. On top of them place a layer of fruit (cut facing down). Layer half of the yoghurt cream. Repeat all the 3 steps, cover the baking pan with aluminum foil or baking paper and keep it overnight in fridge.

Serve and enjoy the next day!