Toddler yoga is a fun way to engage your curious baby and new toddler into activity. During the class we practice simple moves that exercise the whole of the body, improve balance, strengthen the body and encourage concentration. The class is swift, playful, active and fun. the whole room turns into one big yoga mat! It encourages also parallel play (toddlers playing on their own next to each other), relaxation and fun use of breathing techniques. Mums have a chance to practice yoga poses during toddlers’ play time.

Every Mum is a “teacher” for her own child, we sing along and encourage the toddlers to join in and repeat.┬áDuring the class Mum can attend to the needs of her baby (feeding, changing a diaper).

One class is 45 minutes long.


Toddlers like routines and sometimes they need more time to get familiar with other toddlers and the environment, therefor it is recommended to commit to the practice on regular basis.


Toddler yoga has numerous benefits that build a strong base for their future everyday life.

  • It improves balance of the toddler.
  • It encourages toddler to jump, stand on one leg, throw and aim with the ball.
  • It boosts immunity system.
  • It encourages healthy development of nervous system.
  • It builds concentration and importance of quiet time.
  • It encourages development of soft motor skills.
  • Various games encourage independence, colours, textures, precision.

The practice for mothers incorporated in the class has many benefits for women, too.

  • It helps women to close their body after pregnancy and birth.
  • It strengthens deeper layers of muscles in the area of abdomen and pelvic floor.
  • It relieves tension in neck, shoulders and back.
  • It strengthens the body.
  • It allows women to learn yoga poses or to dive deeper into their pre-pregnancy yoga practice.
  • It gives space to relax.

All the props and mats are provided. If you are interested to participate, get in touch with me over email or phone and book your space at the class.