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Prenatal yoga classes in Santorini

seated goddess

Yoga in pregnancy is an excellent tool that enables pregnant women to enjoy their pregnancy and prepares them for birth. Compared to standard yoga that usually requires holding poses for few rounds of breath, prenatal yoga is all about fluidity of the movement and connection with the breath and your baby.  The classes are always […]

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Baby Yoga in Santorini

New course starts on Wednesday August 13, 5.30pm- 6.15pm:  What is yoga for Mums and babies? It is a very gentle practice for new Mums and a great way to bond with their babies through activity and play. It is also a chance to meet other Mums and share your experience. Every Mum is a […]

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Yoga Game for New Year’s Eve Party

Are you hosting a New Year’s Eve party and looking for some fun ideas? Moreover you’ll have also some kids around? Here is a simple yoga game/dance that you’ll definitely all enjoy! What you’ll need: upbeat party music and one party hat. With kids around (especially if you want to keep them busy for a […]

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Yoga for your shoulders

Sore shoulders can be tricky and can lead to stiff neck and problems with your spine. Few simple yoga exercises can prevent stiffness in this area,  find just few minutes a day to practice the following easy series.  Acu yoga for shoulders: acuyoga is a great and quick exercise, it is easy to be practiced […]

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