Leggings with a story

Sustainable yoga wear by Veronika & Abraka

I’ve always believed in supporting individuals and their creativity. For years I have been shopping locally and supporting small businesses either here in Greece or in my home country which is Slovakia.  If you buy from a small entrepreneur, you usually acquire a unique long- lasting piece with a story. Moreover, you give that individual yet another reason to continue on their path.

This attitude lead me couple of years ago to a discovery of a small producer of yoga wear called Abraka store that is based in Slovakia. I fell in love with their unique pieces, with the sustainable material that is made from PET bottles and with the high quality of the pants that feel like the second skin!

Many good comments about my yoga pants lead me shortly before the quarantine to an idea to launch my own yoga line. A friend of mine introduced me to an amazing Athens- based illustrator Lila Ruby King. She created the unique Santorini inspired design for me.

Launching this product is super exciting! I get to support so many creative people. Moreover I also contribute in my way to keeping our Santorini island plastic free. Our island has no natural water resources and PET bottles are a big problem for us. 12 plastic bottles are used to produce every pair of these leggings.

Abraka is a small business supporting local European production and sustainable fashion. Its products are sewn by a small team of seamstresses in Slovakia and the material is produced in Italy.

Abraka ® high-waist leggings are sewn from a breathable, extra-fine recycled material with a high knitting density so they offer high resistance to translucency. Elastic seams and high flexibility of the material allow greater freedom of movement.

By producing one pair of leggings they utilize 12 PET bottles, utilize 50 percent less energy, 75 percent less water and save 5kg of CO2 in comparison to the conventional production.

The material has the following certification: GRS, Bluesign ®, OEKO-TEX ® | Standard 100, SEAGUL, Q- NOVA ®. The leggings offer UVB protection SPF 50+.

Size chart:


Size: Waist Hips Body Height
Small (S) 60 – 72 cm 80 – 95 cm < 175 cm
Medium (M) 70 – 85 cm 90 – 105 cm 170 – 185 cm
Large (L) 80 – 99 cm 100 – 115 cm 180 – 190 cm


Price: 69 Euros + 8 Euros postage


You can proceed with your order over Paypal or as a bank transfer. Do not forget to message me your size, full address and a phone number including country code.

Santorini yoga leggings

I believe we all need some good luck in the new year 2021!


Therefore in co-operation with Abraka Store I came up with a limited edition thermal pants. I call them Santorini Good Luck Leggings. The amazing illustrator Lila Ruby King updated the original design and added elements that traditionally symbolise good luck here in Greece. You will find there a picture of “mati” that keeps the evil spirits away, horseshoe and rich pomegranates. We  also added  all the symbols that remind us of cozy winters such as a cup of hot drink, traditional pastry kourabiedes, winter branch or a decorated boat that used to be traditionally decorated instead of the Christmas trees.

The leggings again have all the amazing properties of sustainable wear, the fabric is made from plastic bottles and they fit like your second skin. On top of it they are so nicely warm! Just perfect for yoga or for outdoors sports!

In Greece we wish Happy New Year all January long therefore my Good Luck Edition will be available to purchase online until February 15, 2021!

Here is the link to purchase your Santorini Good Luck Edition yoga legggings:

Santorini Good Luck Edition