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Flat tummy after Holidays (Part 2)

yoga for flat tummy 2

If your New Year resolution was exercise or yoga, here is a small suggestion on how to keep active and  bring out that “six pack”.  Here are 2 simple modifications of a boat pose. Lean forward, keep your back straight, check open, lift your feet and arms off the ground. Modification 1: place a block […]

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Flat tummy after Holidays!

Seated Twist

This holiday season I indulged myself with loads of cookies and quite some time seated watching Christmas movies. Now it’s the time for some exercise though. Here are 2 yoga poses that can help the tummy to get back in shape. These 2 asanas are easy seated poses and you can perform them even in […]

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Improve your posture with yoga!

yoga in Santorini

Yoga is a powerful tool that helps to improve your posture. The progress starts already with the very basic poses which are easy to be mastered also by complete beginners. Here are my two favorite postures! They are beneficial also for mums-to-be or fresh mothers who really need to keep their back in shape! Standing […]

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Detox with yoga after Holidays!

detox yoga santorini 2

Christmas and New Year celebrations are slowly over and it is time to detox a bit. You can start your body cleanse with yoga! In the following practice we will concentrate on squeeze-and-soak effect. We can start off the practice with abdominal breathing. Sit in a comfortable position (cross-legged, lotus or hero), place your right […]

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Boost your immunity with chest openers

Heart Mudra

During the winter months we should pay more attention to our immunity. I know that winter might make us lazy, but find few minutes a week for the following yoga work out and you’ll feel the difference.   Our goal in this practice is to work on the area of the heart and practice chest openers. […]

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