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Chair pose

chair pose 2

Chair pose is my favorite stabilizing pose. If done properly, it engages the whole of your body. It tones your legs and hips, prevents symptoms of flat feet, stretches your arms, chest and abdomen. To get the pose right, stabilize your feet first. If you are new to this pose, place your feet few centimeters apart, […]

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Stretch your “love handles” with yoga!

revolved head of the knee pose

With Valentine’s approaching I am brining also a bit of this theme to my blog. Check out these exercises that stretch and squeeze your love handles and help you to shape the sides of your waistline. Sunbird: Great balancing pose. To get the maximum benefit, engage your tummy, push into the heel of your outstretched […]

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After work yoga

revolved wide-legged standing forward fold

The following 3 poses are excellent after the whole day at work, especially if you are working seated in front of your computer. Take 5 minutes and relax the stiff muscles in the area of your neck and upper back. Standing forward bend (uttanasana) Start standing in a mountain pose, place your feet hip-width apart, […]

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Side body yoga poses

yoga for side body 2

There is something about side body yoga that I really like. It makes me feel slim and tall. Moreover I always have a feeling that I am waking up some of the sleeping muscles in the area of my ribcage what feels good. Here are few of my favorite asanas for side body: Reversed Warrior […]

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Flat tummy after Holidays (Part 2)

yoga for flat tummy 2

If your New Year resolution was exercise or yoga, here is a small suggestion on how to keep active and  bring out that “six pack”.  Here are 2 simple modifications of a boat pose. Lean forward, keep your back straight, check open, lift your feet and arms off the ground. Modification 1: place a block […]

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Find the balance in your autumn practice


Autumn weather can easily get our bodies out of balance. Windy weather increases the amount of air in our body which can make us feel shaky and somewhat less grounded. Moreover with the weather changes and low temperatures we are more likely to catch a cold. Here are few tips on what to include into your […]

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Yoga for your shoulders

full cow face pose

Sore shoulders can be tricky and can lead to stiff neck and problems with your spine. Few simple yoga exercises can prevent stiffness in this area,  find just few minutes a day to practice the following easy series.  Acu yoga for shoulders: acuyoga is a great and quick exercise, it is easy to be practiced […]

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Goddess pose

seated goddess

This is a very lovely feminine pose that balances your upper and lower body. It opens your chest and hips and at the same time strengthens your legs. It is considered to be a standing hip opener.  In your yoga practice, you can just stand in this pose for several rounds of breath. In flow yoga incorporate […]

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