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Banana bread

yoga retreat santorini

This is a great recipe for a gluten and lactose free banana bread! Full of flavour and fills up your house with a delicious aroma while baking it! Always a big hit at the breakfast during the retreats!   Ingredients: 1/3 cup of oil 1/2 cup of honey 2 mashed bananas 1 egg 3 spoons […]

Winter green salad


Green salad is good any time of the year. For this green salad I used ingredients that I found at our local farmers market. Ingredients: 1/2 lettuce, cut into 1cm thick slices 1 small zucchini, finely sliced 1 small pear, finely sliced 1/3 big salad cucumber, finely sliced     Dressing: 2 tablespoons of finely […]

Apple crumble with agave sirup


Excellent in the morning or anytime of the day. Instead of butter I used olive oil and I also substituted sugar with agave sirup. You can always use just a whole-wheat flour. Ingredients: 350 gr flour (I used 50% of whole-wheat flour and 50% of normal flour) 50 gr agave sirup 80 gr olive oil Apples (as […]

Lemon banana cake

lemon banana cake 2

Today I was literally “forced” to make a banana cake. While I was preparing breakfast my one year old son was playing really quietly. Once I checked on him I realized he decided to learn how to peel bananas and I found a mountain of peeled bananas next to him. So I searched online for […]

Zucchini cake

zucchini cake

Fairly easy and fast! This cake is full of flavors and zucchini gives it a really soft texture.  Ingredients: 3 medium sized zucchini (shredded) 3 eggs 150 gr caster sugar 250 gr all purpose flour 1 sachet of baking powder vanilla extract from 1 bean 100 ml of organic milk 100 ml of olive oil […]

Summer fruit cake- no bake!!!!


This is a very refreshing and easy summer desert! All you need is seasonal fruits (I used cherries, plums and peaches), yoghurt, whipping cream and philadelphia cheese. As a sweetener use sugar or honey and as a base use biscuits of your choice. Ingredients:  Fruit (cut in pieces) 2 packs of biscuits 1/2 cup of […]