Yoga flow is an energetic practice when we work on sequences of poses. We “flow” from one pose into the other following the rhythm of our breath. It is important that students understand the basics of each of the practiced poses that are included in the flow.

During my classes we usually practice main poses separately and only afterwards we combine them into flowing practices. The speed the difficulty level of the flow depends on the student’t ability.


  • Improves flexibility and strength of the body.
  • Boosts our cardiovascular system through steady and rhythmic movement.
  • Brings awareness to the connection between breath and movement.
  • Helps us find concentration and focus.
  • Increases our lung capacity.

Upon request I can prepare a flow class that builds up to a peak pose. A peak pose is usually a more challenging asana (yoga posture) that needs throughout preparation through basic asanas and short flows.

My classes take place in Caveland in Karterados villages. Upon request we can meet for a private class at your favourite location such as beach front.

If you are interested in my classes, get in touch with me over email or phone and book your space at the public class or schedule a private practice with me.