baby yoga Mom practices breathing while playing with bubbles.
baby yoga


It is a very gentle practice for new Mums and a great way to bond with their babies through activity and play. It is also a chance to meet other Mums and share your experience. 

Every Mum is a “teacher” for her own baby. Moreover during the class Mum can attend to the needs of her baby (feeding, changing a diaper)The real teacher is leading the class and demonstrates the poses and games.  The exercise is designed mainly for the Mums. It concentrates on sore parts such as back, neck and arms. You will also strengthen tummy, tights and shoulders through basic yoga poses and moves. Active exercise for the babies includes arm and legs crosses and gentle baby massage.

Who can participate? Mums with their babies as old as 3 months (or even younger if you are confident to bring the baby) until they crawl very fast. Very young babies that do not move yet are usually lying on the mat in front of the Mum. The baby watches their Mum doing the poses or Mum holds the baby while performing the poses. Older babies usually have a very short attention span and you will find it challenging to catch their attention. Therefor we will wear funny hats and play with their favorite toys that you are free to bring with. The mats are arranged in a circle so the crawlers can eventually crawl away and play while the Mums are in the circle performing yoga.

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