Fruit sponge cake with crumble is the ultimate summer cake. The following recipe is very popular in my family.


2 eggs

1 cup of sugar of your choice

1 cup of olive oil

1 cup of milk (I used an oat milk)

2 cups of flour

1 sachet of baking powder

2 tbs of vanilla pudding powder (corn flour)

pinch of salt, one tbs of vanilla extract

fresh fruit of your choice (here I used strawberries, but you can also use any berries, peeled apples etc).


For the crumble topping: 

2 tbs of flour

4 tbs of crystal sugar

1/3 stick of cold butter (sliced into pieces)

Cinnamon for aroma



Using a whisk beat together 2 eggs with a cup of sugar and vanilla extract. Add the rest of the wet ingredients.

Combine all the dry ingredients and a using a sifter add them into the wet mixture, mix well.

Pour the mixture into a prepared baking dish (I used a silicon baking sheet at the bottom).

Arrange fresh fruit of your choice on top, the skin of the fruit should face downwards. Here I used a combination of apricots and cherries.

With hand mix all the ingredients for your crumble and sprinkle it on top.

Bake for 35 minutes. Check the cake after about 25 minutes, if you see the top is getting to dark, cover with a sheet of baking paper or aluminium foil.


Benefits of apricots:

They are rich in vitamins and minerals and promote skin, eye and gut health. they are low in calories, too.